The Making of a Historian : A Memoir

By K.M. de Silva
June 2017
K.M. De Silva is a Sri Lankan historian. He was educated at the ...

Picturing Coexistence and Conflict: Learning about the Other through Grassroots Comics

January 2016
The wall poster and eight-pager comics in this publication, represent the experiences and ...

Ethnic Conflict in Buddhist Societies in South and Southeast Asia: The Politics behind Religious Rivalries

By K.M. de Silva (ed.)
December 2015
In 1988, the ICES in association with the Thai Studies Programme of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand organised a conference on ...

SRI LANKA: COME WIND, COME WEATHER : A Political History of Sri Lanka since Independence in Narrative Form, Volume 2

By K.M. de Silva
January 2016
The Volume Two of this monograph briefly reviews the career of J.R. Jayewardene, the third of Sri Lankas most important post-colonial political figures; it also examines Sri Lankas triumph over the separatist and terrorist challenge posed by ...

SRI LANKA: COME WIND, COME WEATHER : A Political History of Sri Lanka since Independence in Narrative Form, Volume 1

By K.M. de Silva
August 2015
The book aims to examine some of the vitally important political issues that form an essential part of the ...

Human Rights Practice in Sri Lanka: Towards a Thick Description

By Shermal Wijewardene
Wijay K. Nagaraj
This is a finely researched and written monograph on human rights practice in Sri Lanka from the perspective of a selection of social actors engaged in it ...

War Making and State Building: the Politics of State Reform in Sri Lanka

By Sanayi Marcelline
war making and state building' traces the failure of democratic state reform in the past thirty years in Sri Lanka ...

Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Voices From Former War Zones

By Minna Thaheer, Pradeep Peiris & Kasun Pathiraja
This book is an effort at understanding the post-war reconciliation process as experienced by the different communities in the war affected villages ...

Healing the Wounds: Rebuilding Sri Lanka After the War

By Dhammika Herath & Kalinga Tudor Silva
Rebuilding the war-ravaged communities in Sri Lanka and healing the conflict survivors who continue to suffer from the wounds of the war present a major challenge ...

Mistaking Politics for Governance

The Politics of Interim Arrangements in Sri Lanka 2002-2005
By Charan Rainford and Ambika Satkunanathan