The Pure Water of Poetry

A Newly Rewritten and Extended Version of the Author’s Most Important Critical Study
By Regi Siriwardena
A study first published by the author nearly ten years ago. In it, Regi Siriwardena dissents from some of the critical assumptions about poetry that have been most influential in the twentieth century. This study is the fruit of a lifetime’s devotion to poetry by the author as teacher, critic, translator and poet. ...

Octet Collected Plays

By Regi Siriwardena
This collection of eight plays contains all Regi Siriwardena’s writings for the theatre up to now. ...

Working Underground

The LSSP in Wartime: A Memoir of Happenings and Personalities
By Regi Siriwardena
Regi Siriwardena spent five years during the Second World War as a young student and, later, teacher, working for the Lanka Sama Samaja Party which was then functioning illegally and underground. ...

In His Time Selected Tributes Mervyn De Silva 1929-1999,

70th Birth Anniversary September 5, 1999
By Bhawani Loganathan
Several writers whose tributes are reprinted in this compilation have made their assessment ...

Abuse of Women

By Sunita L. Sadhwani
1999 ...

The Efficacy of The Nation State In South Asia

A Post Nationalist Critique
By Imtiaz Ahmed
A post nationalist monograph ...