Research papers

Conflict, Displacement and Post-War Recovery: A Community Profile of Passaiyoor East in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Groups affected by conflict find it difficult to recover due to the extent of the violence they have faced and the scale of losses incurred. The impact of a war ...

The Impact of Displacement on Dowries in Sri Lanka

Research Paper
By Danesh Jayatilaka and Dr. Kopalapillai Amirthalingam
April 2015
Four Case Studies
The below four small case studies conducted for this desk research corroborate the literature and illustrate some of the issues women recurrently face due to conflict-induced ...

Ethical Reconstruction? Primitive Accumulation in the Apparel Sector of Eastern Sri Lanka

ICES Research Paper No. 14
By Annelies Goger and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura
October 2014
This paper examines new garment factories in the former conflict areas in the North and East of Sri Lanka to elucidate the role of capital in the Sri Lankan government’s efforts to rebuild the nation following a longstanding ...

Contextualizing Post-War Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: The Political Economy of Territorial Control in Historical Perspectives

ICES Research Paper No. 12
By Charan Rainford
June 2014
In the aftermath of military defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in May 2009, the government has embarked on exclusive economic development programmes ...

A Quota for Women in Local Government in Sri Lanka: Questions of Equality, Modernity and Political Leverage

ICES Working Paper No. 5
By Chulani Kodikara
July 2014
Women’s representation in electoral political bodies in Sri Lanka ...

Competing for Victimhood Status: Northern Muslims and the Ironies of Post-War Reconciliation, Justice and Development

ICES Research Paper No. 13
By Farzana Haniffa
July 2014
The northern Muslims together with all protracted IDPs displaced prior to 2008 became a low priority case load for return and resettlement assistance in the aftermath of the ‘end’ of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009 ...

A History of Tamil Diaspora Politics in Canada: Organizational Dynamics and Negotiated Order, 1978-2013

ICES Research Paper No. 11
By Amarnath Amarasingam
November 2013
This paper sets out to examine diasporic mobilization in Canada in its various organizational forms, from the 1980s to the present


On (not) Knowing One’s Place: A Critique of Cultural Relativism

ICES Working Paper No. 4
By Qadri Ismail
August 2013
The paper was presented at Ethical Futures: Dialogues on state, society and ethical existence organized by the International Centre for Ethnic Studies. Held on 30th May to lst June 2013 ...

What Lessons Are We Talking About? Reconciliation and Memory in Post-Civil War Sri Lankan Cinema

ICES Research Paper No. 10
By Dinidu Karunanayake and Thiagaraja Wardas
September 2013
A collaborative research publication by a Sinhala Buddhist and a Tamil Christian. ...