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On the Way

A film depicting misunderstandings that occur within society which

Ethics, Secularism and Institutions of Governance

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies and the Centre for Poverty Analysis conducted a roundtable discussion on “Ethics, Secularism, and Institutions of Governance” at the ICES Auditorium on November 27, 2013. The participants were: Professor Charles Taylor best known for his contributions to political philosophy, the philosophy of social science, and intellectual history, Professor Rajiv ...

Don’t think of me as a woman: An election story from the margins

6 March 2014
A film by Chulani Kodikara and Jayachithra Velayudan Approx 20 minutes, January 2014 This film documents the electoral struggle of Aynoon Beebi, a 39-year old Muslim woman from Kinniya, in Trincomalee ...

The Potential for Solidarity

A film by Anoukh de Soysa, Appox. 10 minutes. 2011. The end of war has created new avenues for collective action across Sri Lanka. ‘The Potential for Solidarity’ examines instances of successful North-South collaboration in Sri Lanka’s fisheries industry, realigns divisive perceptions that have hindered solidarity during the war, and encourages island-wide collaboration. ‘The Potential ...

Where are the women in Local Government?

A film by Chulani Kodikara and Chitra Velayudan Approx 8 minutes, 2010. Despite an extremely favourable Human Development Index
(HDI) for women, women’s representation in elected political
 bodies in Sri Lanka is abysmally low. It is 5.8% in
parliament, 4.1% in provincial councils and only 1.8% in
local government. Nominations for women by the major political
 parties have ...

Where is post war Sri lanka heading to?

– Piyal Kariyawasam, Sumith Leelarathne (ICES), Dr. Premakumara De Silva ...
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