Book Launch: Nationalism, Development, and Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka

Dr. Rajesh Venugopal



Book Launch 22nd Oct. 2018-1This book explores the complex and contradictory relationship between the ethnic and the economic in post-colonial Sri Lanka. Based on over a decade of research, and drawing on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative evidence from colonial administration reports and household economic surveys to in-depth interviews with contemporary political figures, it engages with some very fundamental questions of Sri Lankan society, economy, and polity: why has the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict been so protracted, and so resistant to solution? What explains the enduring political resilience of Sinhala nationalism, and how is it related to socioeconomic mobility, leftist politics, and market reform policies? How does the elite/mass relationship affect the contours of politics and the framing of institutions such as the executive presidency? How will nationalist mobilisation and the conflict interact with future generations of market-based economic growth?

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ICES Auditorium,
No 2 Kynsey Terrace, Colombo 8
4.30pm,Monday 22 October 2018