Casting Untouchable Beats: The Story of the Drum-Makers


Untouchable Beats_In the sound of the traditional Sri Lankan drums are rhythmic beats that go back centuries. Mystique of the occult and closely-guarded hereditary craft blend to create the instruments that speak of a countrys olden heritage in ritualistic music. Yet the life of the Sri Lankan drum-makers, their state of existence, has been a subject that has been cast aside from the mainstream cultural and anthropological discourse. Casting Untouchable Beats casts insight on the status of the marginalised drum-maker community whose voice has never been carried widely unlike the much admired beats their creations emanate.


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26 February 2020

4:00 p.m.

at ICES (Kandy) Auditorium

ICES, 554/6A, Peradeniya Road, Mulgampola

To reach ICES take the lane [on the left] opposite Daya Niwasa