In the Thick of Disaster

In the Thick of Disaster
Relief at the IDP Camps in Vavuniya, 2009

Dr. A. Safras
Ms. Myrna Setunga
Dr. Michael Roberts will preside
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 5:00pm
at the
ICES Auditorium, 2, Kynsey Terrace, Colombo 8
From late April Dr. Safras was pitched into the heart of the medical relief endeavour in the disaster zone composed of a large mass of IDPs who survived six months of privation in the Vanni Pocket in 2009; and quickly rose to be a Zonal Coordinator in the medical branch of alleviative activity. Myrna Setunga was in and out of the camps as a voluntary worker delivering mother-and-baby packs to pregnant and new mothers. In a pairing of official and unofficial, Safras and Setunga will provide lively glimpses of the human side of the medical work in the IDP camps at Menik Farm and the schools in Vavuniya in a manner that reaches beyond and depicts other facets of IDP camp life