Stories from the Globe: Countering Hate Speech series

Countering Hate Speech: ICES Webinar Series 2021

The series will explore the impact of hate speech in diverse societies, discuss the role of mainstream and digital media in promoting hate speech, disinformation, and stereotypes, and train advocates to develop creative counter-narratives and relate persuasive stories that are evidence-based, ethical, and effective.This is a five-part webinar series to be held every Wednesday in June, from 5.30pm to 7pm IST.
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◼️ 2nd of June 2021: Stories From Across the Globe
• An introduction to the various ways in which hate speech appears, the impact it has in diverse societies, and the lessons learned from initiatives that have sought to counter its negative impact.
– Speakers: Shreen Saroor (Women’s Action Network – Sri Lanka), Saijai Liangpunsakul (Researcher – Myanmar), Dr. James Gomez (Asia Centre, Bangkok)

◼️ 9th of June 2021: The Power of Language
• Understanding how the current media landscape – across digital and mainstream spaces – contributes to the proliferation of hate speech and exploring ways of countering these polarized narratives.
– Speakers: Jamila Najmudin (Daily Mirror), Deepanjalie Abeywardene (Verite Research), Ishara Danasekara (independent reporter), Mahishaa Balraj (Hashtag Generation)

◼️ 16th of June 2021: Shared Histories and New Spaces
• Highlighting shared cultural and religious spaces among the different social groups and exploring the potential of digital spaces to showcase complex and multiple narratives.
– Presentation by Hasini Haputhanthri (ICES)

◼️ 23rd of June 2021: Taking Action! : Practical Session I
• The importance of critical media usage and a guided introduction to using digital literacy tools to navigate hate speech and disinformation in digital spaces.
– Training by Hashtag Generation

◼️ 30th of June 2021: Taking Action! : Practical Session II
• Creating effective, ethical, and evidence-based counter-narratives to dangerous speech, by understanding audiences, histories, and social realities.
-Training by Hashtag Generation
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