Maps of Women’s development projects in the North


In 2014 the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) commenced an exercise to map projects supporting womens development in Killinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya and Mannar. The mapping covered information available with the District and Divisional Secretariat Offices in the respective districts. Details were collected by a Research Assistant in 2014 and 2015 on State, NGOs, Bi-laterals, Multi-laterals, Private Sector and other actors, on projects completed between the years 2010 and 2014, which had been updated in 2014. Data for Jaffna was not available at the time as the information was being compiled by the DS offices.

The information that was gathered in both electronic and hard copy form was cleaned, compiled and standardized into excel format by a Senior Researcher at the ICES. The data sheets were then handed over to a Geographical Information System (GIS) expert who converted the details into a series of maps. Thirty four GIS maps were developed which included the names of the implementing actors, types of interventions, values and numbers of projects. They were classified into seven sets of maps at provincial and district level. Besides the static maps which are available in PDF form, three other semi-interactive and fully interactive maps were developed using Google Earth. In these a user could move around the map and access information or generate custom maps using a set of filters. The first of these Fusion Table maps are currently available while the two fully interactive versions are being finalized.

The next steps in the mapping exercise include completing the mapping for Jaffna and updating and strengthening all the information.