Conflict, Displacement and Post-War Recovery: A Community Profile of Passaiyoor East in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Post Conflict Recovery_Passaiyoor Community ProfileThis study was carried out as part of the three-year research project „Involuntary Resettlement: A Cross Country Study on Urban Inequality and Poverty‟ of the „Safe and Inclusive Cities‟ (SAIC) global research programme funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada and the Department for International Development (DfID), UK. The authors are deeply thankful to Dr. Rajith Lakshman, Principal Investigator of the project, for leading the team and providing invaluable guidance for the research. The project was implemented by the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) and we are indebted to Dr. Mario Gomez, Executive Director, for his support and encouragement. We wish to thank Professor Tudor Silva for reviewing the community profile and providing valuable comments which helped us to enrich the report. The coordinator of the project, Asela Ekanayake, deserves special recognition for the help he provided to fulfill the task of completing the research. Warm gratitude also goes to all of the staff at the ICES for their assistance in administrative, financial, IT and library services.

There are a number of individuals who made this report possible whom we also wish to thank and appreciate, including N. Gurushanth, S. Amaladas, K. Kalyani, Sakeena Alikhan and Ruth Surenthiraraj. Thanks go to Sachini Seneviratne and Sharni Jayawardena for proofreading the document and Ruth Surenthiraraj for meticulously translating the report into Tamil. Fieldworkfor the study was conducted with the full partnership of the people of Passaiyoor, hence the authors wish to specially acknowledge the Passaiyoor Fishermen‟s Society for their warm support during the research and generosity in providing contacts and information. Last but not least, thanks go to Mrs. Theiventhiram, the Divisional Secretary of Jaffna DSD, Mr.Senthilnanthanan, the Assistant Director of Planning of Jaffna DSD, and the Samurdhi/Divineguma and Grama Niladari Officers for Passaiyoor.

By Danesh Jayatilaka, Kopalapillai Amirthalingam and Shiyana Gunasekara. Working  Paper No: 07. Colombo, ICES,

2015. 69p.

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