Limits of Expression : Creative Artists and Censorship in Sri Lanka


Creative Artists and Censorship


Through an examination of the experiences of political cartoonists and
film-makers, this study maps mechanisms by which political censorship is
exercised on creative artists in Sri Lanka. This includes official forms of censorship
such as the Public Performances Board and the emergency era censorship of the
press but also the instrumentalization of state institutions to execute extra-legal
and subterranean (OHiggins) forms of censorship. It also examines informal
censorship, ranging from friendly collegial censorship to outright physical attacks
from unidentifiable members of the public. The study concludes with a reflection
on the consequences of a long-standing culture of censorship and self-censorship
on historicity and the future of free expression in artistic communities.




Limits of Expression (PDF)

Limits of Expression: Annemari de Silva on the Censorship of Film and Cartoon in Sri Lanka ( review)