One Confession, Two Confessors : A forensic Linguistic analysis of Confessions Submitted in the High Court Cases of Nallarathnam SIngarasa and Sellapulle Mahendran


one confession


Nallaratnam Singarasa, a 20-year-old Tamil man from Navakadu,
Batticaloa, was indicted on four counts of counter-terrorism offences at
the Colombo High Court and convicted in 1995 and sentenced to 40 years
rigorous imprisonment. Similarly, 19-year-old Sellapulle Mahendran from
Vandaramullei, Batticaloa, was convicted around the same time. What is
peculiar about these two cases is that both men were convicted based on
confessionary evidence recorded by the same police officers. This document
analyses the two alleged confessions using a methodology consisting of
newly developed analytical tools and several existing tools used by scholars
and practitioners in the discipline of forensic linguistics. This analysis finds
that the confessions of Nallaratnam and Sellapulle were fabricated by the
police officers. Further, the comparison of the two confessions reveals that
a single template was used to fabricate them.

One Confession, Two Confessors (PDF)


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