Revised Edition of Domestic Violence Intervention Services in Sri Lanka: An Exploratory Mapping 2009-2011

This study, based on a survey of 86 non–government organisations focuses on the provision of counselling, shelter, legal advice and legal aid, and health sector services for victim-survivors of domestic violence in Sri Lanka. The findings of the survey include information relating to geographical distribution of, and gaps in services, the languages in which services are provided, record keeping and documentation, number of complaints handled by organisations in 2009, number of cases filed under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 2005, organisational perceptions about domestic violence as well as challenges faced in addressing the issue of domestic violence. It should be noted that this revised edition, available only online, incorporates new data that was made available since the Mapping was first published in February 2012. As this data altered the statistics pertaining to the number of reports of domestic violence received by organisations, this edition has amended relevant sections and the resulting changes are reflected in Sec 2.3 (Number of domestic violence Complaints reported in 2009), the Summary of Findings and the Conclusion. In addition, this edition addresses some minor typographical errors.

You can download the Revised Edition of Domestic Violence Intervention Services from the following link: Download