Addressing Labour’s Precariousness in Sri Lanka & Beyond


The International Centre for Ethnic Studies organized a conference ‘Addressing Labour’s Precariousness in Sri Lanka & Beyond’. The conference featured local and international academics, artists, unionists and organizers. Panellists included Anton Marcus, T.M.R. Rasseedin, Priti Darooka, Michele Gamburd, Chamila Thushari, Yogeshwari Krishnan, and Lionel Weerasinghe.

The conference highlighted the following:

  • Histories of labour relations that underlie contemporary precarious working conditions
  • Experiences of precarity based on existing marginalities such as ethnicity and gender identityandacross different spatial movements,
  • Unrecognized and under-recognized work and non-standard compensation systems such as wageless work and share systems
  • Challenges to and strategies on organizing, including redressing labour laws and mobilizing labour