Northern Spring (Uthuru Wasanthaya) and Eastern Revival (Negenahira Navodaya)

Long Term Research on Two Development Projects in Post-War Sri Lanka titled Northern Spring (Uthuru Wasanthaya) and Eastern Revival (Negenahira Navodaya)

This study aims to analyze the characteristics and new dimensions of the emerging discourse of development in post-war Sri Lanka with related to the two significant state-led development projects initiated in Northern and Eastern provinces during the last phase of the ethnic civil war, namely Uthuru Wasanthaya and Negenahira Navodaya.

It accounts development not merely as an economic phenomenon but as a social discourse that includes political dimensions of power, control, construction of social identities, and social inclusion and exclusion. Development in the above sense is to be analyzed as a social discourse. The study examines to which extension that this strategy of development has been successful in ensuring equal rights among different communities and in strengthening local capacities of social reconciliation. It also explores whether the specific form of articulating development within the post-war context has deployed new strategies of social exclusion, marginalization, and control through reinforcing dominant power relations and structures. Main objectives of the research is to explore,

  • the possibilities and new opportunities provided by the post-war political conjuncture for finding alternative development strategies towards ethnic reconciliation and conflict prevention.
  • the successes and failures of the dominant approach of ethnic reconciliation through state-led development initiatives.
  • suggestions and advocacy for democratizing the development policy and social reconciliation.

We have already completed the archival research and collected significant information through our field visits in Vanni, Jaffna and Trincomalee Districts.