Who are the Women in Local Government

Following the 2011 local government elections, 4,466 members were elected to local authorities across the country, 90 (or 2.01%) of whom are women.  While several studies have interrogated the obstacles that women face in entering all levels of government, there are hardly any studies which have sought to understand in depth the success stories. “Who are the Women in Local Government” seeks to fill this gap firstly through a quantitative survey with all elected women in local authorities and an equivalent sample of men. The survey will be followed up with a qualitative study.

[frame bgcolor=”#db6c1d” version=”dark”]Principal Researcher: Chulani Kodikara Research Assistants: Lakmali Piyaratne, Kethakie Nagahawatte Period: September 2011 – June 2013 Supported by: Diakonia [/frame]