Children of cemetery dwellers : Film Screening

Film: Children of Cemetery Dwellers

Director: Waruni Anuruddhika


Poster 24-362This film is about the life Children who are living in shanties at a cemetery in Veyangada city. They have been living in this slum since 1950’s and struggling to survive with minimal basic needs. Children are malnutrition and have no access to education. They have been marginalized ethnically, socially, economically and culturally. Furthermore, children are being refused to be enrolled to the schools, even next to their community.  This is mainly due to the fact that they are slum dwellers. Cemetery is the place for dwelling and recreation of lives and playground for the children.

Many people earn their livelihood by working as garbage collectors. The entire community is marginalized by the rest of the population at Veyangoda, simply due to the fact that they are Tamil.  School dropout rate is high as a result of economic pressure to find a job. Many Girls leave the school at early age around 15 or 16 in order to marry someone to overcome the economic pressure. Simply, this community is caught into vicious circle of poverty.

Film attempts to portray limits for upward social mobility in the context of education and marginalization. It will discuss the way in which existing social structures systematically exclude and restrict the marginalized communities entering into the path of development. It also reflects how women recognize the importance of education as a way move out of poverty and has been prevented from them. Through the unfolding discussions, and narratives film will portray the way in which ethnic and racial prejudices also come into play.