National Convention on Saving State Education

National Convention on Saving State Education

Today, the state education sector is facing many serious challenges: drastic funding cuts, unprecedented political interference and ad-hoc policy interventions at all levels is seriously affecting the ability of the state education sector to provide a high quality educational service to Sri Lankan citizens. For a country such as Sri Lanka, with a proud heritage of a strong educational sector and a culture of high educational aspirations and achievements this deterioration of the state education sector is a singular tragedy.

The Federation of University Teachers’ Associations is organizing a National Convention on the theme ‘Save State Education’ in order to facilitate a discussion towards addressing some of the concerns with regard to the state of the education sector. The convention hopes to obtain some consensus on how Sri Lankan society can move forward together to protect one of the pillars of Sri Lanka’s national heritage: a free and high quality state education sector.

Date: 17th August 2012

Venue: Western Province Aesthetic Centre, 275/74, Prof. Stanley Wijesundera, Mw., Col.-7

Time: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Contact Mr. Senevirathne Peellage (0717650563) in order to confirm your participation