Workshop on ‘Post-War Futures

Workshop-Agenda_21-Feb-2013More than three years following the conclusion of a three-decade-old armed conflict, Sri Lanka’s social, economic and political future appears uncertain. While armed conflict is absent, there has been little progress in realising a just and equal society where diversity and dissent is respected and accepted. It is, nevertheless, an important moment in Sri Lanka’s post-independence history: a moment in which the very uncertainty that characterises it, holds out many possibilities and many possible futures and trajectories that the country can take.

The ICES has organised a full-day workshop on the above theme to critically analyse socio-political developments over the past three years and to imagine ‘new and ethical futures’ for post-war Sri Lanka.

The workshop seeks to intellectually seize the current historical juncture and make it a site for fresh insights into the emerging socio-political and cultural configurations of post-war Sri Lankan society.

For more details contact: Vasantha Premaratne on 081-2232381 or

Workshop Agenda_21 Feb 2013

21st February 2013
at the
International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Kandy