The ICES Auditorium has a conference system supporting 10 people, a podium microphone, two wireless and one collar microphone. Interpretation for up to 25 people in two languages is available. The multimedia system comprises of two projectors each facing opposite walls and two corresponding projector screens (6×8 and 9×12) with a Yamaha/boston acoustics surround sound system. Maximum seating capacity is for approximately 90 persons. The area has wifi coverage as well. For inquiries call or email Lakmali on 0112685085/ lakmalices@gmail.com

The ICES auditorium is fully equipped with with dual ACs, appropriate controlled lighting, Wi-Fi, and has a seating capacity of approximately 85 persons. It is avaiable for lectures, discussions, presentations, conferences, and film screenings.

Audio facilities:

• microphones (including wireless microphones, and/or up to 10 table microphones)
• associated amplifier/speakers
• digital recording facilities

Multimedia facilities:

• multimedia projector interfaced to a LT or a DVD/VHS player
• associated wall mounted projector screen
• subwoofer/surround sound audio

Podium/tables are also available on request.

Auditorium Charges

Up to two hours – Rs. 12,500
Up to four hours – Rs. 17,500
Up to eight hours – Rs. 30,000

International Centre for Ethnic Studies
02, Kynsey Terrace
Colombo 8
Sri Lanka
F: +94-11-2688929
T: +94-11-2685085 / 2679745 / 2698048

Please contact Lakmali for further details
Ext 103

Please note that ICES does not allow facility usage for political events/activities.