Founded by Regi Siriwardena in 1984 as The Thatched Patio, Nethra (renamed in 1994) has aligned itself with the academic research that ICES has carried out over the years. Popularly known as ‘a non-specialist journal for the lively mind, Nethra was re-launched in June 2010 after a short hiatus as Nethra Review; an interdisciplinary journal with a focus on Sri Lanka.

This time as a blog, Nethra is being revived with the intention of creating a forum for social, economic and political commentary as well as for cultural, literary and artistic expression and exchange.

Nethra – a digital patio for dialogue, expects to feature scholarly articles, opinions and commentaries, interviews, book reviews, short stories, poems, cultural events and film reviews. Keeping abreast with the changing trajectories of cyber technology, the site also encourages contributors to submit a wide range of audio-visual pieces such as photo essays, graphic images, cartoons, documentaries, short films, drawings and many other forms of digital art. Submissions are encouraged in the following areas, but we are happy to look at submissions that fall outside of these too:

History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Cultural Studies, International Relations, Public Policy, Governance, Law, Geography, Environment, Development, Literature, Arts, Religion, Philosophy, Linguistics, Gender, Vulnerabilities, Media, and Popular Culture

With these themes in mind, Nethra invites interested contributors, from a variety of different disciplines and interest areas, to forward their submissions. The objective of re-launching Nethra is to engage a group of scholars, researchers, activists, journalists, writers, photographers, artists, and others, from Sri Lanka and other parts of the world, in provocative written and visual dialogue.

The word limit for short written pieces will be between 500-800 words and for long written pieces between 1500-3000 words. Submissions are encouraged in English, Sinhala, and Tamil, while pieces with multiple translations are encouraged.

This blog aspires to publish only constructive analysis and criticism, excluding insult and hate speech, in order to maintain a level of academic vigor and positive engagement of the site. Selected pieces may be compiled into an annual journal thereafter. Submissions should be original pieces of work. Plagiarised, and/or materials that have already been published elsewhere will not be accepted.

Submissions, as well as any queries should be sent to nethra@ices.lk