Advancing Truth and Justice in Sri Lanka: A Report of Six Dialogues


TJ dialoges book


The report documents the discussions of six dialogues on transitional justice that were held in different parts of the country during 2015.

The discussions provided space for a broad group of stakeholders from civil and political society to explore the complexities of pursuing justice in a complex and volatile, post-war context. The aim of this series of dialogues was to enhance the quality of the public debate on transitional justice.

The long-term objective of this initiative was to contribute to the generation of an organic and relevant transitional justice process in Sri Lanka. This initiative sought to do this by providing space for key decision-makers from different communities to dialogue and debate the variety of different options that may be available, in order to forge a transitional justice process that is political feasible and sensitive to the peculiarities of the Sri Lankan conflict. Three independent experts from Bangladesh, Peru and South Africa, enriched the dialogues with global perspectives.



Advancing truth and justice (PDF )

Advancing truth and justice -SINHALA (PDF )

Advancing truth and justice -TAMIL (PDF )