Breakup of Community Social Structures in the War-Affected Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka


break up of community

This paper documents profound social transformations witnessed in North-east Sri Lanka as it emerges from massive social and political disturbances during nearly three decades of war. The paper argues that there is a breakup of community social structures as evident from changes in family relations in critical domains such as extra-marital relations, sexual exploitation, abandonment of spouses, household violence and alcoholism. This study calls for concerted actions to stem further deterioration and initiate a process of community restoration and trust building as an essential component of post-war rebuilding in SriLanka . Dhammika Herath is currently a Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Peradeniya. His research and publications have focused on development issues, peace building, post-conflict reconciliation and recently on conflicts based on religion


Breakup of Community (PDF)