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The literary journal Nethra, which was popularly known as a non-specialist journal for the lively minded, has held a central position among regular ICES publications since its inception in 1984. Its origins being The Thatched Patio, Nethra has had an illustrious history with Regi Siriwardena as its founding editor. After a brief interlude, Nethra has been re-launched on 30 June 2010 as the reinvented Nethra Review; an interdisciplinary journal with a focus on Sri Lanka. This biannual publication seeks to create a forum for social, economic and political commentary, cultural, literary and artistic expression and exchange, and addresses itself to the well-informed reader with an interest in engaging with contemporary Sri Lanka.

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Available at Vijitha Yapa, Barefoot Bookshop, Lake House Bookshop and Perera Hussein Publishing House.

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Nethra Review
2, Kynsey Terrace,
Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.

T 94-11-2685085 / 2679745 / 2698048

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