The South Asia Regional Project on Justice

Principal Researcher: Prof. Neloufer de Mel

Co- Researcher: Chulani Kodikara

Duration:  October 2012 to May 2014

Supported by Aakar, India / IDRC

Through a series of vectors the project will interrogate how the practices of law both inhibit and forward a more nuanced knowledge on what constitutes justice in South Asia. If, on the one side, law is mobilized by elites and sustains their interests, on the other, it also allows for the possibilities of emancipation. These possibilities, however, are achieved through sustained contests that demand recognition of democratic and egalitarian modes of life. The focus will be on the following interlinked contexts and themes that mark the contests for justice across South Asia by exploring each vector in one of the project country:

  1. Civil war and its aftermath
  2. Conflict and gender based violence
  3. Prisons, Law and Undertrials: justice delivery systems
  4. Group Conflict, Public Space and State Order
  5. Land, Conflict and the Nation State

The project will be especially concerned to chart the languages of pain and wounding and how they enter into legal lexicon.