3D Things : Devices, Technologies, and Women’s Organizations in Sri Lanka




FECF5D43D things was conceived in a moment when some Women’s organisationsin Sri Lanka had begun to explore how they could do their mobilizing through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on YouTube and blogs. It emerged from the intention to recognize and explore their growing political engagements with online platforms. Yet computers and social media are only the recent examples of the devices and technologies that have had broad significance for Women’s organizing. The radio the typewriter, the cyclostyle machine encompassing the letterpress, lithio press and silk screen printing some early examples. Proposing that there is more than a functional narrative to these devices and technologies, 3D things foregrounds “things” and their materialities as they are discursively represented in Women’s organizing, approaching them from the personal, political, activists and apprehend and engage with them in doing their organising